If you're like most shoppers, you love a good sale and now is the time to save. Most retailers are clearing their racks to make room for the fall season change and willing to part with merch at a fraction of its MSRP. Particularly savvy shoppers will also notice that most stores have cycled through their seasonal sales to final clearance where you'll find the best deals. So where should you spend your time and money?

Here are my top picks to spend your weekend hunting the deals:

  • Neiman Marcus consolidation sale - Neiman's runs a series of sales usually starting with "first call" and then "last call," but a select few stores in the company consolidate the remains of the previous last calls into one amazing sale. This year that is happening at Lenox Mall (Atlanta), King of Prussia, Paramus, and Tysons Galleria through this weekend. The sale is up to 75% off and in-store only.
  • Nordstrom anniversary sale - this twice yearly sale is well known and finally went public after a few days of Nordstrom cardholder access only. Lots on sale and good discounts between 40-50% until August 7.
  • Sid Mashburn - This local favorite has since expanded to Houston and Georgetown and now is the time to buy. Sid, and his wife's brand Ann Mashburn, are on sale 50% off. This is a huge discount for a brand that largely makes and sells their own goods in a traditional brick-and-mortar environment. 
  • Kit and Ace 'Last of It' - Pretty much all your favorite athleisure brands are on sale right now but I'm spotlighting Kit and Ace since this is their first sale as a brand and I'm a recent convert. I didn't really convert from anything, now I just buy even more stuff. On sale till it's gone.

If you're local to Atlanta, here's an easy map to view the sales listed above, along with a couple others to fill your shopping day.